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Rams should bench Incognito

The Richie Incognito incident became legendary by the end of the first half yesterday when the Rams once again took a grotesquely lopsided score into the locker room.

The Rams right guard tossed a little more salt into the gaping wound that is being a Rams fan lately by tuanting fans with the cupper ear as he walked off the field after another disgraceful Rams loss. The PD has a damning photo of the incident, and a reminder that when asked about it after the game, Incognito denied it, claiming that he just hurried into the tunnel.

Oh, Richie, Richie. Go to the game page at and click on the fifth video under the "highlight" reel in the middle of the page. It shows the sack that took Bulger out of the game. Notice where the Bears defender came from? Yep, right up the middle, on the right side, Incognito's turf. Glass houses and all that.

Should the Rams bench Incognito? The PD's Miklasz, in his post game column, says the incident represents "everything that's wrong with the Rams" speculating that the team will do nothing - bench, fine, or suspend - to repremand Incognito.

They really should do something, if nothing else as a gesture to the fans. With LG Jacob Bell's status in the air after being replaced by John Greco for his poor performance during the game, who knows if the Rams have the personnel to do without the big dumb lug. They ought to bench him. Start Greco on the left and Schuening or Romberg or Leckey or a foam filled practice dummy on the right, for a game at least. Let's face it, anyone else they bring in is no more or no less a liability on the Rams offensive line.

We'll talk Haslett after lunch...