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Talent vs Effort: Getting to the heart of the Rams problems

There's something of a debate emerging about the Rams current state and how the team arrived there. Talent, or lack thereof, versus effort. 

Haslett touched on it in his remarks yesterday. He defended their effort, blaming the collapse instead on the poor execution, i.e. the lack of talent he's got to work with in his current, unenviable position. (More on Haslett's postgame presser later).

In the St. Louis Post-Dispatch today, two columns, two positions. It's the Kennan-Lippman debate, Rams redux. Bernie Miklasz takes the players to task for their effort.

A team simply could not be more disinterested in competing than these Rams are. When you get pounded by the Bears for 201 yards rushing and can muster only 14 yards rushing on your 19 carries, there is one conclusion here: The Rams were physically overrun and didn't stand up to the Bears. And that has everything to do with effort.

Brian Burwell points to a roster left barren through years of neglect.

It's not about lack of effort with this team. It's about a frightening lack of talent from the top to the bottom of the roster, with a few new bright spots sprinkled throughout. This horrible season is the result of past failures.

Talent vs effort. It's a bit like the pointless Ford vs Chevy debate; both are now in Washington acknowledging their failure and pleading for a bailout. The Rams need a bailout too, the front office, the coaches, and of course the players.