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Rams vs Chicago Bears, 11.23.08: Game Thread

Well, no matter what Richie Incognito says, I'm still a fan, I'm going to watch the game, and, though I may not know quite how to do it, I'm going to cheer for the Rams.

Unless they have a first half like their last three, then it's a Bronx cheer. I think every fan has that right.

Actually, that's about as good a segue into the keys to the game as a hack like me can get. Ignore the Xs and Os and the matchups today. None of that has mattered for a team playing on a self-defeating streak. So only two keys today...

  1. Stop hitting yourself - Ah, a standard and a timeless favorite from the bully's bag o' tricks. For the Rams, though, it's more about playing with consistency and keeping their head in the game. Bulger needs to play sharp, as though his career depends on it; it does. On the other side of the ball, good play starts with getting lined up right, players need to be in the gaps their supposed to be in. No more of this great practice-bad game polarity; that's bullshit.
  2. Recovery - Shh, don't tell anyone, but the Rams aren't a very good football team. That's never more obvious than after a play goes bad, a vicious cycle. This team will make mistakes, but if they can at least play sharp in the face of an INT or a big play by the opposing runners, etc. they always have a fighting chance. That's the central front in turning around this team and the entire franchise.

Our smattering of previews are listed below. Be sure to check out Windy City Gridironfor the opposing view of things. I'll bet there's a lot of snickering and "good week to get back on track" talk. Let's prove them wrong, Rams.

Couple more technology related notices for you. Don't forget to join the Turf Show Times Facebook group; networking will never be the same.

Always late to the party, I've set up a Twitter page for Turf Show Times, just in case we're at Granny's house and there's no internet. Feel free to add it to your followed list. In the future, I anticipate doing a little more with it, might be a nice thing for draft day or something like that.

And finally, be sure to check out the SBN NFL scoreboard. It's got all the info and game data and blog yada yada you need, in one central location!



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