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Memo from Rams fan to Richie Incognito: give us something to cheer about

Maybe Rams gaurd Richie Incognito should think about the product he and his teammates have given St. Louis football fans lately. Not much to cheer for.

Of course, I'm referring to his comments to the press today. Here's a sample:

It’s nice to have the other fans here. At least they cheer. Our fans get in their seats, they don’t know how to cheer, when to cheer.

Richie probably forgot, but the fans haven't had much to get excited about the last two seasons. He also probably forgot that ticket  sales went up after they beat the Redskins and Cowboys this season, their only two wins of the year. After the Rams last three stinkers, not much to cheer about in those games as I recall, I wonder how many people who bought tickets tried to swap them for a warm beer...

The middle of the line, offensive and defensive, has been terrible. Sure, Incognito's been one of our better linemen, but maybe he should be taking his teammates to task for their less-than-inspired play rather than the fans.

This isn't a defense of fair weather fans, who just show up for the social event. Fans like our little community here at TST have rooted for this team through thick and thin. Still do. But you can only watch your favorite team get their asses handed to them on week-in, week-out basis before deciding maybe it's not worth the couple hundred bucks it costs to take yourself and pal or the family to the game when the results have been preordained. Most fans don't get paid millions of dollars to do a half-assed job. In fact, I'd venture to say that if most of us did our jobs the way some of Incognito's teammates do, well, you know... Hell, it's been hard to watch the second half of the last few games on TV.