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Random Ramsdom, 11/20: Show Me edition

You might want to take a wait and see approach before thinking free agent OT Anthony Davis, signed by the Rams this week to round out their OL depth. Davis started two seasons, '05 and '06, at LT with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Before looking at the stats, it's worth noting that Davis was just one player on that unit. 

Sacks allowed aren't always the best, or fairest, stat for offensive linemen. I tend to take view them with a somewhat skeptical eye, but understanding they have their value too. In 2005, Davis allowed 7.5 sacks, and 7.00 the year after. 

In 2005, the Bucs' had a 41 sacks for a 7.9% sack rate, the league's 25th highest. 

The running game was helped considerably by the emergence of rookie RB Cadillac Williams. Davis' side of the line graded out well; at left end and left tackle, they were sat among the top ten in adjusted line yards.

Pass protection improved in 2006. Tampa Bay QBs were sacked 33 times for a sack rate of 5.3%, 10th best.

The run blocking dropped off some that season. Their adjusted line yards fell from 4.00 the season before to 3.88, ranking them 28th. But their "stuffed" numbers indicated some toughness on the line.

Davis, just 28, might be a fine addition to the depth chart at OT, but I'll withhold judgement until seeing some results.


Sounds like Haslett did finally call out his players, threatening to sit them if they play like they have and keep making such lousy errors.  Ironically enough, still starting QB Marc Bulger agreed with the message.

I like hearing the do-or-die motivational talk, but, again, I'll wait to see the results before deciding whether it worked or not.


We'll all be glad when RB Steven Jackson gets back on the field, at full speed. Still no word on when that might happen. When he does come back, he has to make it count, even if it's just a couple games. Why, besides the usual reasons? 

Since skipping training camp while holding out for a new contract, Jackson's taken plenty of heat from fans this season. And yesterday, head coach Jim Haslett told the press he believed that Jackson's hold out contributed to his injury status this year. From the coach:

Guys don't go to training camp, and when they come back, they either pull a hip flexor, groin, something, and you hope it's nothing major that keeps them out. You hope it's one of those one-week injuries, four or five days and they come back, but it happens all the time.

Nobody's surprised at that assessment - we've said as much since August - but hearing it from the head coach can give angry fans some more red meat to call into the talk shows with.