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More matchups

Here's a look at a couple other matchups on my mind for today's game. Still no word on whether Steven Jackson, Little and Carriker are set to play. They've got a few hours to decide...hope nobofy forgot to set their clocks back...

Fakhir Brown vs. Larry Fitzgerald

Brown could have a busy day. As with Hood vs. Avery, Brown's the Rams top cover corner. He drew the Randy Moss assignment last week. He kept Moss from scoring, but the WR still made plays and moved the ball, racking up 100+ yards on 7 catches. The Rams will be the dime package plenty this week as Fitzgerald isn't the only Arizona WR they'll have to account for. This is the same secondary that got picked apart by the Eagles in week one, but looks like a much different unit lately. Brown's physical and that's how he'll have to play Fitzgerald. He and his fellow corners will be relying on the pass rush to limit the receivers' opportunities and try to make some INTs.

Steven Jackson vs. Gabe Watson

Maybe this matchup should really have been Watson versus the middle of the Rams o-line, but since getting through Watson first and foremost is the key to running up the middle, this made sense. The Cardinals have done a nice job limiting opposing runners this season; if I'm not mistaken, last week was the first time a RB rushed for more than 100 yards against the Cardinals. That's impressive considering some of their opponents. They held Clinton Portis to just 68 yards. That was without Watson too. Having a run stuffer in the middle of a d-line makes a huge difference by limiting the running lanes. The Rams will still try and run Jackson through the middle though, counting on Watson to be held in check by C Nick Leckey and some pairing of G Jacob Bell or G Richie Incognito. Jackson and other Rams rushers will have to account for Watson trying to force a fumble too. If Jackson can make some runs up the middle count, that should push back the ARI pass rush and keep Watson from opening holes for fellow linemen like Dockett and Antonio Smith.