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Should they stay or should they go?


The PD's Jeff Gordon looks at some of the Rams higher paid slackers, the guys that Haslett apparently has been vainly pressing upon to do better. There are 12 names on Gordon's list and he posits the Rams will have to cut about half of them to retool next year.

Let's look at the possibilities. Starting with the sure things: Dante Hall and La'Roi Glover's contracts are up after this season, so jettisoning their contracts is easy, and both players have passed their prime. You can forget dumping Bulger or Steven Jackson, for reasons we've discussed ad naseum. There's maybe a .001% chance the Rams could part ways with Bulger, via trade, but it's incredibly unlikely.

Witherspoon's a safe bet to remain a Ram too. He's playing with an injury and out of position. If the Rams add a real live middle linebacker next season, the chances of us seeing the player we saw last season go way up. DT Adam Carriker isn't going anywhere either. He's not playing like a first round pick this season - he has had moments though - but if the Rams can get a big body to play next to him on the line, he'll improve. I'd even think about making him a DE again. Given their needs on the line and the hit they'd take on the cap, G Jacob Bell is safe too. With improvements around him on the line, he'll be better.

It's hard to imagine the Rams without LT Orlando Pace, but at what point will he consider retirement? The Rams invested a lot of money in him for diminishing returns. He probably stays. The team's lack of depth helps LB Pisa Tinoisamoa's case, but if the team adds some quality to this group from the draft and/or free agency, then they could take the cap hit and say goodbye.

I don't know why the Rams would keep Trent Green. Cutting him costs them money, but I think they'll live with it. Fans might charge the field, and not for celebration, if WR Drew Bennett makes the roster next year. That leaves WR Torry Holt from Gordon's orignal list. Holt probably gets moved, traded for whatever they can get.