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Rams to shut down Orlando Pace?

Rams LT Orlando Pace is out at least 2-4 weeks with an MCL strain.

However, the team might opt to go the rest of the season without the seven-time Pro Bowler. The Rams are considering putting Pace on IR, ending his season. With just six games left to play and the team's problems extending far beyond anything Pace can do, there's no reason to put him at further risk for injury, especially with the LT under contract through 2011.

Speaking of that contract, look at the dollars coming his way, as pointed out by ESPN's Mike Sando. That's a boatload of green for a guy who's played 18 games in the last three seasons. I'd think the Rams have to approach Pace about reworking that contract. Especially, given that the Rams MUST add a tackle in the upcoming draft. I'd be really, really surprised if he had another full season of play left in him at this point. If you're Pace, at what point do you start thinking about retirement?