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Wanna buy a football team?

Okay, the Rams season is lost, and it's getting hard to find things to talk about, "hey, how about that Donnie Jones?"

We know the entire organization is in desperate need of a makeover, especially the top of it. With that, here's a crazy thought for the day: why not Mark Cuban?

To heck with buying a baseball team, buy the Rams. No idea whether or not the Mavs owner has any interest in joining the NFL's elite ownership club, but we do know or at least have reason to believe, that the Rams owner wants out. And the match made in heaven doesn't end there. The Rams need organizational leadership committed to winning. An owner like Cuban, who hates losing, would instantly give the entire franchise a completly new pyshcological make up, banishing the ghosts of a troubled recent history.

He might have to clear this little insider trading blip first...

Now again, let me be clear, I'm just playing armchair general here; there's nothing out there even remotely indicating such a rumor. Besides, he's probably too smart to sink money into this outfit. Still, talk about a complete flip in a franchise's makeup. Cuban would annoy many, but I'd take that over the profit taking mentality that's governed the team for too long now.