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Ah yes, don't forget the injuries

Naturally, just when the offensive line plays a good game its two best players would suffer injuries. It's like the Rams weren't content with the crappiness and had to really try and top what we saw in 2007. 

The news  doesn't sound good for LT Orlando Pace. If he has a torn MCL he'll be out a month or possibly the entire season. Retirement? Even if Pace does come back, it just underscores the Rams desperate need to draft a young LT this spring.

It's a rotator cuff injury for Incognito, and we won't know more until he undergoes an MRI. 

Do I even need to say what I'm about to? Yes. Going to anyway. Let's see what we've got in this year's third round draft pick John Greco. The can probably slot him at guard, where they've talked about playing him since the draft. The young, hungry running backs played well. Now, let's see what we've got in Greco. 

The Bartell injury could mean really bad things for the Rams pass defense this season. Bartell's been one of the team's few bright spots this season, finally emerging from his up and down play to become a solid presence in the backfield. He's probably done for the year. Tye Hill should be able to play again soon, an he better regain the form we saw from him down the stretch last year. 

Turning into another fine season of Rams football, no?