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St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers, week 11

Week 11 already? Seems like the season just started, and started again, only yesterday.

Is this a must win for Haslett's job security with the Rams? Only as much as any game since taking over has been. Obviously a result reminiscent of last week's blowout makes it more likely the "interim" gets replaced by "former" come January. This is another 2 win team after all. Haslett or whoever has a big job next season and the Rams players ought to be playing for their careers at this point, making the case that they do in fact belong in the NFL despite what the record book says.

Keys to the game...

1. Hold Frank Gore in check. Take away the run for the 49ers and scoring points becomes a much more difficult proposition for them.

2. Find the passing game again. The 49ers have a weaker pass defense, similar to teams the Rams have had success against this season. Now, there are plenty of rusty cogs in the Rams air attack machine. Finding an open receiver depends largely on the line et al getting Bulger time to throw and Bulger making good use of that time.

3. Turnovers. Teams like the Rams and 49ers can live and die on a single turnover. If the Rams can keep from giving opponents the ball it keeps the defense out of a hole as well as all the other benefits of hanging onto the ball. Conversely, if the Rams can get a turnover or two, it could be an easy backbreaker for the 49ers.

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Go Rams!!