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Big game in store for Donnie Avery?

Still looks like Rams RB Steven Jackson will be a no-go for the game this week. Hoepfully, the Rams front seven can muscle open some running lanes for Pittman this week. A look at the Rams offensive line versus the Niners coming later.

Here's a matchup to consider...

WR Donnie Avery vs. CB Nate Clements

The Rams rookie sensation will be looking recapture some of the magic he showed just a few weeks ago, weeks that seem like an enternity to us now. Avery's emergence as the Rams top receiving threat likely demands SF's top cornerback's attention. Against the Cardinals last week, Clements limited the damage from WR Larry Fitzgerald, who still managed to catch 8 pass for 46 yards and a TD. SF will work hard to tamp down the Rams passing game by attacking Bulger while trying to take away the deep threat from Avery. If that's the case, look for Avery to take shorter dump off passes over the middle and hit the burners for some yards after the catch. The good news for the Rams offense as a whole is that if SF does shut down or limit Avery, the trend has been for them to get beat by the other receivers, making for potentially good days for Holt and Keenan Burton. Still, I think they'll be willing to let the Rams have the middle of the field in the passing game, given their poor conversion rates on 3rd down and in the red zone. If that's the case and the o-line can hold up for some decent blocking, Avery ought to get some catches and could well score. Now, if the 49ers opt to default Clements' attention to Torry Holt, watch out, 'cause it could really be Avery's day.