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Defending Bulger

Bulger's been the hot topic among Rams fans this year, with about half willing to give the guy a break and another half demanding his head on a pike. And on the long list of poorly executed offensive plays, either the o-line failed him, a back misses a block, or the Rams starting QB misfires or misreads or reacts the wrong way, ending up sacked. It's clear Bulger much of Bulger's confidence has been pounded into the field, again and again. 

Rams head coach Jim Haslett offered some explanation today for why he stands by Bulger as his starting QB, as well as some insight into the organization's plans for next season. As reported by ESPN's Mike Sando:

We just have to surround him with people, playmakers, and I think we have a bunch of young kids that can do that. We have to protect him and do some things that make him feel comfortable. I think every quarterback goes through a phase in their career where it's not going. When he came in, he stepped in with great personnel around him, playmakers galore -- three or four receivers, a running back, a great line that had been together for a long time. He's not in that situation right now. It's a little bit different. Obviously, we'll try to get back to that some day, but right now it's not that situation.

First, it's obvious Haslett wants to relay some confidence in his QB, just a little psychological boost to help with those back foot throws and hanging on to the ball too long. He also makes a point about why starting Green or Berlin in Bulger's place doesn't work: with the supporting cast, a new QB isn't going to make a difference. Finally, reading between the lines, it sounds like rebuilding the offensive line will be a top priority for next season...I hope.