Niners Nation Q&A

Hey folks.  This is Fooch from Niners Nation.  VanRam and I are exchanging FanPosts this week for a matchup that is likely to lead off all future NFL Films efforts...just maybe not for the quality of the football.

It's been a tough season for both our squads, but I think like the Rams, there are reasons 49ers can still have a bit of optimism going forward.  The switch to Mike Singletary has been an interesting one to say the least.  After the Seahawks blowout word leaked out about some of Mike Singletary's "motivational tactics."  One worry going into the bye was that he would lose the team as many professionals aren't going to put up with a whole lot.  Fortunately that was not the case as they came out an busted their ass on Monday against the Cardinals.  The final minute was a complete debacle, but not due to lack of effort.

Now that the season is more or less lost for the 49ers, the team can really get an idea of what it has going forward at several spots.  First of course is head coach.  I don't know yet if I want Singletary as head coach in 2009 or a more veteran guy.  I actually like what I've seen from him for the most part, but the next seven weeks will be key. 

Additionally, the team is utilizing three young receivers who need to show the 49ers they can make an impact.  The two guys to look for this weekend are Jason Hill and Dominique Zeigler.  Injuries to WRs Arnaz Battle and Josh Morgan opens up even more playing time for these two.  Hill will make his second consecutive start as the slot receiver.  Last Monday he put up 7 catches for 84 yards and seemed to have a great rapport with Shaun Hill.  Dominique Zeigler was signed off the practice squad for MNF and had one big catch for 22 yards.  The injuries move him up in the depth chart to #4, so he's now the primary backup in the slot and at the split end/X position behind Bryant Johnson.  I'd expect some decent things from him.

The 49ers defense remains an enigma as they'll sometimes get pressure, but often times get burned.  Look for Walt Harris to get roasted at some point on Sunday.

Anyways, there's plenty to discuss so fire away.