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Rolling down memory lane

Ah, Mike Martz and the memories he brings for Rams fans...

Mike Sando has a recap of the old Haslett/Martz rivalry from way back during Haslett's days with the Saints.

The Rams haven't faced Martz since a win over Detroit in week 4 of the 2006 season. The Rams and Lions had quite a shoot out, with the Rams winning the game 41-34 as Bulger passed for 328 yards and 3 TDs, Holt and Bruce both had 100+ yard games and scored a TD...even Joe Flopfenstein scored a TD in that game.

Oh, those Halcyon days of 2006... The Rams had 2 games that season where they scored more than 40 points, the win over the Lions and a 41-21 week 17 win over the Vikings. The Rams haven't scored more than 40 points since then. In 2007, the Rams broke the 30 point mark just once, a week 5 31-34 loss to the Cardinals. This season, the Rams have scored more than 30 points in their win over the Cowboys, and - how's this for alarming - that was also the only time the Rams have cracked the 20 point mark  since week 16 against the Steelers last season.

There wasn't much more than pride on the line the last time the Rams and the 49ers faced each other in week 11 of last season. The Rams, coming off their first win of the season against New Orleans, traveled to San Francisco to battle a 2-7 49ers team that hadn't won since week 2.

That game featured both defenses, with the Rams winning 13-9. Bulger, despite getting sacked 6 times and throwing one INT, completed an early TD pass to Torry Holt (hey, rememeber him) and Jeff Wilkins added the rest. Looking back on the performances of the Rams lines, the Rams had 3 sacks from Chavous, Witherspoon and Glover. The held Frank Gore to just 32 yards rushing on 15 carries.

The Rams o-line managed to open some running lanes, and Steven Jackson ran for 92 yards on 23 carries...and there were those six sacks allowed. Here's the box score.