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Old friend Mike Martz finding more controversy

Here's a little deja vu for Rams fans: questions about where Mike Martz's loyalties lie, with the team or with Mike Martz.

Pundits scratched their heads when the 49ers passed over Mad Mike for the interim head coaching gig for LB coach Mike Singletary in the wake of canning Mike Nolan. And red flags were raised further at Singletary's decision to bench Martz's disastrous starting QB, J. T. O'Sullivan.

Just a matter of time, until...

In the wake of the confusion that marred the final moments of thier Monday night game against the Cardinals, a full-blown conspiracy has emerged. From our friends over at Niners Nation:

There’s been a lot of talk last night and today that Martz is trying to undermine Mike Singletary and purposely screwing things up.  One person found comments from another site indicating they felt Martz was actually going out of his way to sabotage this team.

Among the more rational, Martz isn't finding much support either, with very familiar sounding talk of Martz overdoing it and/or being unprepared. Fooch at Niners Nation quickly tamps down the conspiracy nonsense, but still doesn't see Martz in SF's future. Hey, Rams fans are no strangers to the bizarre calls of Mike Martz. Good calls, bad calls, there's another controversy emerging around Mike Martz.

Welcome to the club 49ers fans.