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Bulger not benched

Bulger gets the start this weekend against the 49ers.

I'm not as shocked as I thought. Now, Sunday afternoon, there was no way I would have believed this news. Bulger miscued over and over again last week. He even got LT Orlando Pace credited with a sack (I blamed Pace for it too) on the forced fumble that the Jets ran in for a TD, a mistake that by all accounts, Haslett's included, was Bulger's boner.

The Rams lack options at QB. With Trent Green hurting after cleaning up his own mistake, maybe Haslett has no choice. Still, the team played with a little more life with Green, until that costly INT at least. Giving Brock Berlin the start may be a little too desperate, at least Green has the experience and knows the offense. Maybe it's just fan frustration, but at this point I personally wouldn't mind seeing what Berlin could do. Readers here know I'm not a Bulger hater by any means, but it's clear he's a big part of the problem with our offense. As bad as the o-line is, you just can't assign them 100% of the blame for this historic collapse. I don't know if it's the years of being sacked repeatedly, another season of futility, unhappiness with the coaches and organization - probably a combination of all those things. Bulger lacks competitiveness on the field. That ripples out to the rest of the offense, the team, and, well, you see the results.

(okay, this kind of stuff is usually a little preposterous, but here's a conspiracy theory for the Bulger haters out there. Maybe they want to trade/ax him or restructure his hefty contract and know he has no value on the market by sitting on the bench.)