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Picking on Pisa

Thinking about the d-line more and echoing thoughts shared here recently, the Rams lack of quality depth at LB, particularly in the middle, puts defensive line in a bad spot. With no threat from the backers, the front four have too much extra work to do.

Witherspoon is a good linebacker, a playmaker, but stuck in the middle, his real talent is wasted. He's overmatched there, and needs to be on the outside to use his real assets of speed, reading the ball and moving to make plays. Having Chris Draft back in the lineup would help this beleagured unit. Draft's presence still doesn't erase the Rams need for a help. Devaney an the front office people ought to make middle linebacker a free agent priority. If and buts, candy and nuts, right?

But there is a dog in the bunch too, Pisa Tinoisamoa. After playing well against the Redskins and Cowboys. Pisa even earned some love from Jim Haslett in the wake of the Cowboys game, who said the LB was playing his best football "since I've been here." Hmm. Haslett's been with the Rams for three years now, and in each of the seasons prior to this one, the Rams second round pick from 2003 has dealt with myriad injuries.

A healthy Tinoisamoa was essential to the Rams plans this season, but with health also comes the expectation to play at a level consistent with expectations. And expectations for Pisa have been relatively high since a promising debut in 2003. His play has been inconsisent this season, and he's been a notable presence on the field in only three games, with drop off emerging against the Patriots after leaving the game against Dallas with an injury.

Injured or not, I'm officially questioning Pisa Tinoisamoa's effort. Jets RB Thomas Jones easily brushed him aside for a 6-yard TD in the fourth quarter, one more bullet in the corpse for good measure. Jones wasn't the only Jets player to easily move around Tinoisamoa either. Jerricho Cotchery beat Pisa for an 18-yard grab on the third Jets play of the game, a 3rd and 8 that gave them a first down. They eventually scored. The guys gets paid a lot of money for a mid-level, inconsistent production. Like I said about Bulger earlier, he's a guy that's expected to be a leader, instead, he gives questionable, inconsistent effort. The Rams just don't have the depth to bench a LB; although, I am inclined to let rookie Chris Chamberlain take some of Pisa's time.

When this season ends, he's another guy with a huge question mark over his head as to his future with the Rams.