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Light through the holes of the Rams o-line

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Ok, how about a bright spot to start the day? Why the hell not.

The Rams offenisve line has been, well, offensive, offensive to football sensibilities. (rim shot). Anyway, I wondered where the running plays have been going and how success they've been. Without a doubt, the Rams run game got a big uptick in their last game against the Bills, Steven Jackson's first 100 yard game of the season.

49% of the Rams the running plays have gone through middle. That's right about NFL average, which is 48%. Their Adjusted Line Yards for runs up the middle is 4.11 ALY, 19th in the NFL. Not that that's great, but I was midly surprised that is was that high. Ah, low expectations. Still, figure that the Rams were without G Jacob Bell for two games.

But the real bright spot in the run game has been the right tackle. The Rams are getting 4.89 ALY, 4th best in the league. Some of that likely has to do with the fact that only 10% of the Rams run plays have gone that direction, but still, it at least points to some solid play from that side of the line. Barron might be quitely redeeming himself; he even has just 2 penalties on the season, both false starts. (At that rate, he'll finish the season with just 8 penalties, a career low).

The real problem, sacks, have come through the middle. Of the 13 sacks the Rams have allowed, 5 have come through the middle (2 from Incognito, 1 from Leckey, 1.5 from Goldberg, and .5 from Bell). They might get a break this week though, the Redskins have just 6 sacks on the season.