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What if the Rams did make a trade deadline move?

It's hard to say the Rams are rebuilding - you have to have a little more youth scattered into the mix for that. However, the term is being tossed around to describe the team. While I would argue that the Rams are now doing something more akin to "finding themselves" as opposed to rebuilding, the "R" word has come up plenty through the winless season.

The NFL's 2008 trade deadline is next Tuesday. It's not usually an active time in the NFL like it is in Major League League baseball, but a couple teams usually pull the trigger on a trade or two each year at this time. Here and there, I've noticed with talk of rebuilding have come suggestions for the Rams to make a move at the deadline. It's unlikely. With Linehan gone, the Rams most disgruntled player, Bulger, is happy again, and the Rams have such a serious lack of depth, particularly in positions in demand, that they just don't have the players to trade, like Roy Williams in Detroit or Chad John, er, Ohco Cinco in Cincy. 

Pesky reality aside, let's put on the fantastical GM hat and turn this into a "what if" post to start your Wednesday a.m.

The Rams best trade options would be QB Marc Bulger or WR Torry Holt, in my opinion. Both would address key needs for teams on the bubble and would fetch the Rams premium draft picks. Dante Hall might have been an option too, but he's hurt and has done himself no favors proving his worth when healthy this year. WR Drew Bennett might have played himself out of a job period prior to getting hurt. On the other side of the ball, the ranks are thin too, and there's no player the Rams can realistically part with. Possibilities would include a solid role player like DE Adeyanju or, since reality is no obstacle in this post, Leonard Little.

Ok, so let's open it up. If you really wanted to work on rebuilding the Rams, what kind of moves, if any, would you be looking to make at the deadline? Remember, you and I just as qualified as current GM Jay Zygmunt, so have at it.