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Dawn of a new Rams team?

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Energy? Play hard? Fast-paced?

I can't recall the last time I heard words like that used to describe anything related to the Rams. Definitely not this season. But that's exactly how practice was referred to as the Rams started the first full work week of a new era.

Will this energy and enthusiasm traslate into wins? The next two weeks are as tough as any two week stretch the Rams have played this season with games against the surging Redskins and the Cowboys. The week after that is no picnic either with a trip to New England. For all this energy to mean something, we need to see results over the next three weeks. A win or two while possible is unlikely, but playing good football and excorcising whatever demons have infected this team over the last few seasons will go a long way toward making the rest of the season more entertaining...and maybe more successful.

The Rams schedule gets a little easier after that with five games against division rivals. Of those games, the two against the Cardinals might be the toughest given their strength in the passing game and the Rams weakness against the pass thus far this season. Two against the 49ers are shaping up to be the best matchups of the season. The odds don't favor the Rams to make a run at the title in an incredibly weak division, but nothing's impossible. A visit from the Seahawks to the Dome gives the Rams a chance to at least make a statement; beating a bitter rival might go a long way toward salvaging something positive out of the season and set them up nice to start over in '09.