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Torry Holt unhappy?

Torry Holt? Phased out? Oh, words like that hurt.

I don't really feel like that's the case. Let's face it, the Rams passing game hasn't been all that great this season, under Haslett and Linehan. The blocking's been spotty at best and Bulger's clearly off his game (though he did look better last week, it was inconsistent).

On top of that - and I didn't chart plays or anything - it seems like Holt's dealt with much more tight man coverage, drawing double or an opponent's top cover corner on passing down after passing down. Come on, if you're mapping out a game plan against the Rams, even at 0-4, how do you not account for the history between Holt and Bulger?Do you not think a guy like Bill Belichick isn't going to make sure Holt's shut down first and foremost...especially without Steven Jackson in the game. Avery and Burton are unknowns (Avery not so much anymore), Hall hasn't been a good receiver since 2004 and he's making plays all the sudden, and the others are backups.

Holt's drama tires me. All the shit I've had to put up with the Rams lately, and finally get rewarded with some good football... beyond that, I do understand a competitor like Torry Holt wants the ball and naturally lashes out when it's not coming for him, and quite frankly the breaks aren't coming for him either on lots of plays (see that bit above about the Rams pass offense not firing on all cylinders). It makes sense, but still annoying, no?

[and let's admit it, Avery's making plays. how do you not want to get the ball to him?]

Watch. Jackson will come back and teams will start give more attention to Donnie Avery. When that happens, Torry Holt will get the ball more.