Got Questions for the Arizona Cardinals?

Hey Turf Show Times,

Cgolden from Revenge of the Birds here. In an effort to maximize community interaction between ROTB and you guys at TST this week, VanRam and I have decided to cross-promote by throwing up a FanPost so that you, devout fans of the Rams, can get any and all questions answered about the Arizona Cardinals (and vice versa over at ROTB). So I'm here to answer your questions - and I expect a few ROTB-ers will migrate over to discuss the upcoming Rams/Cardinals game as well. How your former QB Kurt Warner is playing and the best way to attack him? Curious about the Cardinals' injury situation? I may not be the dali-lama but I'll do my best to shoot it to you straight.

Anything you got, fire away - I'm here to share and learn. I'm looking forward to an entertaining Cardinals/Rams game this weekend. Should be fun.