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8 Rams among preliminary Hall of Fame candidates

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Pro Football Hall of Fame announced its list of preliminary candidates for the class of 2009. The list now contains 133 names, which will be winnowed down to a list of 17 finalists. The inductees will be selected from that list by the HOF's Selection Committee when they meet the day before the Super Bowl, 1/31/09.

Former Rams on the list include (I'm only listing each candidates service time with the Rams, for sake of space):


Rich Camarillo, P - 1988
Henry Ellard, WR - 1983-1993
Kevin Greene, LB/DE - 1985-1992
Kent Hill, G/C - 1979-1986
Harold Jackson, WR - 1968, 1973-1977
Leslie O'Neal, DE - 1996-1997


Chuck Knox, Coach - 1973-1977, 1992-1994
Clark Shaughnessy, Coach - 1948-1949

Ellard helped the Rams make six playoff appearances through the 1980s; their 3-30 loss to the 49ers in the 1989 Conference Championship was the team's last playoff appearance until the 1999 Super Bowl run. Ellard was the Rams leading receiver every season from 1984-1993. Kevin Greene had 72.5 sacks with the Rams, and, check this out, during his last season playing for the Panthers in 1999 he recorded 12 the age of 37! Kent Hill made the Pro Bowl five times as a Ram. Jackson led the Rams in receiving every season between '73 and '77, except for 1976 when he missed the lead by only 28 yards. The Rams made the playoffs in each of Jackson's seasons during the 1970s. DE Leslie O'Neal had 17 sacks during his short tenure with the Rams and is the only player on the list with the Rams after the move to St. Louis.

Making the final cut, however, will be tough as the list includes numerous record holders like DE Bruce Smith, with 200+ sacks, luminaries like Rod Woodson and Shannon Sharpe.

One name on the list more infamously linked to the Rams in recent history is former 49ers owner Eddie Debartolo, Jr. who set the football world ablaze in May when he told Yahoo!'s Michael Silver that the Rams were for sale.