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Rams at New England, week 8, Game Thread

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Do I here three in row?

It's definitely possible. New England is a team with some big weak spots right now, but on the other hand, they're still New England, which usually means a precise, tight, and studied approach to the game (like watching some illegal films say?) and are always a dangerous team.

As of this writing (and I'm on this early so can run through my to do list and see the game) Rams RB Steven Jackson is still questionable, as is DT Adam Carriker. I'll go ahead and predict both will play, though I'm more optimistic about Jackson. Interestingly enough, Rams DE James Hall will play at Carriker's spot if last year's first rounder can't play. That could give the Rams a solid pass rush in the middle. Hall likely won't work as much on running downs, ceding that spot to Glover or rookie free agent Willie Williams. WR Derek Stanley will play this week.

Three keys

The passing game - The Patriots soft underbelly is their defensive backfield. To exploit that though the Rams need Bulger to make quick, precise throws, no hanging on to the ball longer than necessary. That also means solid pass blocking, which the Rams mostly had last week and should again with the return of LT Orlando Pace this week. It also means backing the Patriots front seven off with a solid run game.

Pass rush - Cassel's sack total resembles that of a Rams QB in the old Scott Linehan days. If they can do what they did to Brad Johnson last week, the Patriots will struggle to score points, especially without their starting or backup running backs.

Pass defense - Of course they still have Randy Moss, who can do his damage with just a few catches anyway. Remember, he's one of those big WRs so coveted, yet so hard to find. It's a good test to see if the gains made by the Rams d-backs are solid.

Remember to get the Patriots POV over at Pats Pulpit...but beware of coach-looking men with video cameras.

Let's take that Super Bowl back Rams!!