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Pro Bowl worthy Rams

Pro Bowl voting has opened to fans. You can vote right here.

As for the Rams, it's been such a strange year, so up and down, that it's hard to think about which players you'd nod for the Pro Bowl.

Two names I'd consider right now: LB Pisa Tiniosamoa and S OJ Atogwe.

Pisa's been a beast, flying around the field making tackles and making plays. He's got 37 tackles on the season, more than he had in 11 games in '06 and just three short of the total he racked up in 9 games last year. Along with that, he's got a sack, a forced fumble and two pass deflections. He's a big reason our defense had made such strides the last couple games.

Atogwe, a Pro Bowler last year, after having a rough start to the season, has redeemed himself with 3 INTs and a TD, 26 tackles and 3 pass deflections. He's a big reason we beat the Redskins to start this whole new season.

Other names (with the "it's early" caveat implied):

Feel free to write in candidates also.