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Conventional wisdom coming around on the Rams

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Rank, rank, rank. If nothing else, power rankings are a quick and easy way to view conventional wisdom. If that's the case, then the Rams are gaining some respect, held back only by precedent, i.e. this is still the same team that lost by gaudy margins to open the season.

At, the Rams jumped seven spots, from #27 to #20. With comment:

Yes, yes, of course I am impressed by the Sunday passion and all that, but I will drop a very minor, quibbling little point on you. Fifty seconds left in the first half, Cowboys punting. Rams don't call a time out and the clock runs down. Defeatist thinking. Haslett's a defensive guy. Maybe he doesn't know what you can do with that much time left. Some coaches understand. The ones with an offense.

Come on, less than a minute left to play and the Rams lead's not worth quibbling about.

CBS Sportsline doesn't like the Rams as much, moving them up to 23 from 28 this week. One big quibble I have with CBS, how can you put the Rams behind the Houston Texans? Identical 204 records for both teams, except the Texans two wins came against the Dolphins in week 6 (they won 29-28) and last week they beat the hapless Lions by a single TD, 28-21.