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Talkin' tickets: Rams fans return

Taking nothing away from the Rams two wins, but that's it, they're just two of them and look, already, what it's done for ticket sales and fan interest. According to this report in from the PD, the Arizona and Chicago games at the EJD are nearly sold out and just about 4,500 tickets remain for the Rams other home dates this season. Last year, the team had to beg and plead to get people to buy tickets and home game blackouts were more common than not, except when opposing fans notoriously bought up the tickets to boo the home team. Also impressive considering the current state of the economy, where spending is waaaay down among businesses and individuals.

Frustrating that change came so late, but maybe the team had to bottom out for the change to have a deep impact. Haslett's insistence that improvements ripple through the entire franchise mean something too, giving everyone a reason to take pride and a sense of ownership in their team, whether they're a member of the organization or just a ticket holder. Ultimately, though, this is great news with potential ownership changes looming and a stadium issue on the horizon in a few years. Definitely improves the chances of this team staying in St. Louis (sorry SoCal fans).