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Who ranks the rankers?

Oh, power rankings, how could we navigate the choppy waters of a 32 team league without you to guide us?

The Rams jump from 28 to 25 on ESPN's latest power rankings, called a "dangerous" team. In spite of that number, check out the behind the scences power rankings analysis from NFC West blogger Mike Sando. Coming off big upsets against the Redskins in Washington and the Cowboys at the EJD, Sando gave Jim Haslett's rejuvenated Rams the 16th spot on his ballot. ESPN's other voters inked in the Rams name much further down the list, an addendum scribbled on a cocktail napkin no doubt. A couple voted for the Rams in the 23rd, 24th and 25th spots, with Jeff Chadiha putting the Rams at 29 and Pat Yasinskas and Matt Mosley penciling them in at 28.