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Mixed results on Rams injury list

The injury bug bit the Rams this week. Fortunately, it wasn't as infecting of a bite as it was last year.

You've heard the news on RB Steven Jackson. That's good. The Rams will need him against the Patriots. Backup RB Antonio Pittman should be back this week as well, and that makes me think of the Wildhog/cat/whatever formation that the Dolphins used so successfully against the Patriots. New England's normally stout, disciplined front seven were left to watch as the lowly Dolphins racked up TD after TD. Pittman's speed would be a nice fit for that, as we've said before.

The Rams should have LT Orlando Pace back for this game as well. And that should be a big help in the passing game, a weak spot for the Patriots who had a 37.2% DVOA for their pass defense and until last night when they sacked the Broncos QB three times they had just 7 sacks on the season for a 29th ranked sack rate of 4.4%. Goldberg did yeoman's work filling in for Pace, but DeMarcus Ware had an open door to Bulger last Sunday.

Just as New England got their running game back against Denver (who has a really weak run defense, ask the Chiefs), the Rams might have to make due without DT Adam Carriker. He's questionable this week.

Losing backup S Todd Johnson leaves the Rams short in an area where they're already shorthanded. He's an important part of the Rams special teams.

All in all though, reading the injury list isn't quite as soul crushing as it was this time last year.