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The Rams' schedule suddenly looks different

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And so the Rams wrap up their play against the NFC East with a surprising 2-2 record. Big change from just a month ago, no?

Haslett, in just two games, has given fans and the front office plenty of reason to keep around, even though four more wins through the remaining ten games would guarantee a return tour in 2009. Right now, it's hard not to think of the Rams as anything but invincible, having just knocked off two giants. But, even at this level of play, it's going to be tough. Teams won't be taking the Rams for granted anymore. With that, let's jump into some easy mental excercises for a dull Monday afternoon.

Which games will be the toughest?

The Rams will need to play as good or better than they did the last two weeks to beat the Patriots at home, even with major cracks in New England's game now exposed. Two more games against the Arizona Cardinals don't look to be the piece of cake they once were. Miami (week 13) can score points, even if they give them up too. The Bears could be tough too.