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Rams top Cowboys, 34-14

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bad. ass.

Some thoughts - to be updated as they arrive.

The narrative taking shape (actually it took shape on Tuesday) puts the Cowboys at the center of this game: "The Cowboys are hurting, missing players. They've got to hit bottom and then climb back up." Yuck yuck yuck. So it goes. Don't let that take anything away from the Rams win. The Cowboys brought plenty of talent into town today, and the Rams beat them by playing superior football.

The offense looked great. Even sacked five times, Bulger kept himself out of trouble. He threw five of his 14 completions for 15 yards or more, including another beautiful deep strike to Donnie Avery for 42 yards and a TD. Notice Bulger's not throwing off his back feet anymore? Steven Jackson ran through some nice and some non-existent lanes to move the ball. (It's pretty obvious that his holdout was indeed one factor in his slow start). He was especially effective on the right side of the field. Props to the o-line on that side too. Couple of negatives on the offense... Adam Goldberg's blocking left something to be desired; three sacks for DeMarcus Ware. However, had the Rams moved Barron to the right side they might have lost some of the run blocking on the right side that worked so well for them (with a huge assist to Steven Jackson). It's clear Pace doesn't have many more games left in him. Can't blame Goldberg for all of it though. Ware's third sack was a result of Steven Jackson's poor pass blocking.

Cowboys QB, and Super Bowl winner, Brad Johnson, filling in for Jessica Simpson's boyfriend, completed just 17 of 34 passes and was picked off thrice. OJ Atogwe, working hard to make Rams fans forget about an ugly start to the season, had two of those INTs. Tinoisamoa worked like a man possessed for the second week in a row. (Hopefully not so much that his exit late in the fourth was a serious injury). They were sharp all over the field. Marion Barber's a tough runner, like those tanks with spinning tire chains on the front of them, allowing him to pick up 100 yards on 18 carries is nothing to be ashamed of. Only three of his runs went for more than 10 yards.

Keep an eye on Steven Jackson's quad. Carriker' MRI was negative, and Derek Stanely has a concussion.

It's definitely a new day for the St. Louis Rams.

Enjoy it Rams fans, we deserve it.