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Rams vs Dallas, Week 7, 10/19/08

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Break out the chaps, Rams fans, it's time to batter some Cowboys!

No matter how many times the paper reminds me that the Rams have the 31st ranked defense, the lowest scoring offense, etc., etc. I just can't help but feel pretty good about this game.

That said, take nothing for granted; this ain't gonna be easy. The Rams whose offense game plan must include plenty of passing plays to take advantage of a Cowboys secondary without its starting cornerbacks, enter the game without LT Orlando Pace, pitting Adam Goldberg against DeMarcus Ware. The Rams will use TE Anthony Becht to bolster that side of the line and keep Ware out of Bulger's face. The profile in today's Post-Dispatch of WRs Keenan Burton, Donnie Avery and Derek Stanley makes it clear that the Rams intend to employ some four WR sets, as they should. And of course, don't forget about Torry Holt. Wherever it comes from, I'd love to see the Rams offense break out today.

We know the matchups for this game, but all the Xs and Os aside, the Rams have to play tough, aggressive football against the Cowboys. Thankfully, the prospects of seeing that have greatly improved with the dismissal of Scott Linehan and the promotion of Jim Haslett to head coach...just take it easy on the dumb penalties, eh Richie.

Knowing the odds don't favor the Rams doesn't bother me. I haven't been this excited about a game in long, long time. Win or lose, it's hard not to be pleased with the fact that Rams football is enjoyable again. There's not a better day to beat the Cowboys than today.