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Random Ramsdom - Oct. 18th

 - Romo sat out Friday's practiced, reported ESPN here.  Doesn't mean a whole lot, given that he practiced Wednesday and Thursday.

 - On our side, Orlando Pace will be a game-time decision.  The STL Dispatch reported here that Pace went through some individual drills, but Haslett will wait until Sunday to make the call.

 - Jim Thomas, from the Dispatch, pens a great article looking at the offense's inefficiency so far this season and why it won't get us a W on Sunday.

 - First brought to TST by our own ksmooth (here), Richie Incongnito racked up $35,000 in fines for a trio of penalties from last weekend.  ESPN's report here.  The "verbal abuse" on the ref cost him $25k.  My only question is why it took the league until Friday to levy the fine.  Certainly they could have dropped this on Monday...

 - And lastly, some cool animations from Scouts, Inc. at ESPN.  I really love this stuff.  They detail 6 plays here that Roy Williams (WR) will play a part in now that he's a Cowboy.