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Random Ramsdom, 10/17: Pace likely out this week

Will Orlando Pace play or won't he? The big guy will suit up and give practice his best shot today, but many consider him unlikely to play this week. The PD reports that Adam Goldberg will take his place. As this post from the Belleville News-Dem's Steve Korte reminds us, Goldberg played RT against the Cowboys last season, when Bulger was sacked three times.

Maybe the recently inspired Marc Bulger will rub off on Goldberg and give him good pass protection mojo.  

Haslett says Rams LB Pisa Tinoisamoa is playing his best football in a long time. 

Cowboys QB Tony Romo did some practicing yesterday, but no handoffs and no bullets down the field. He could still play against the Rams, in which case the Rams defense should be doing everything they can to force bad throws.

A nice profile of RB Steven Jackson from the Dallas Morning News. 

Peter King takes the Rams to win this week.