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The (Cowboys) circus is coming to St. Louis

By default the Rams are in the spotlight this week. Playing the Cowboys does that, but playing the Cowboys the same week they added a WR to play alongside T.O. and lost Pacman Jones to another suspension makes it a real circus.

But the best circuses have three rings, and the Dallas Cowboys led by ring master Jerry Jones are, if nothing else, always one of the best circuses in the country. Now, it looks like Tony Romo will be the third act on the marquee this week, as the red state Tom Brady has announced his desire to play despite having a broken pinkie.

The final decision is up to the Cowboys coaches and medical staff, who have to consider issues like whether or not he can take snaps well enough to prevent fumbles, protect the ball, and make passes. They also have to weight the potential for further injury, which means a lot more than you'd think when you consider the possibility of Cowboys fans walking around all summer mumbling about how the 1-4 St. Louis Rams ended their season by making their starting QB miss even more time while the Giants, Redskins and Eagles ran away with the division.