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A look at the Rams pass protection

The sacks keep coming against the Rams, but things could always be worse. Just take a look at what poor J.T. O'Sullivan is being put through in San Francisco: the 49ers QB has been sacked 23 times in six games this season, the most sacks allowed in the league. That gives Mike Martz's offense a sack rate of 11.6%, which is still better than Detroit or Pittsburgh.

Through 5 games, the Rams have allowed 15 sacks, tied with three other teams for sixth most. It's not a pleasant number to look at, but when you consider that 10 of those sacks came in their first two games (4 against the Eagles, league leaders in sacks, and 6 against the Giants) you can at least see some improvement. The Rams sack rate is 8.4%.

Last season, the Rams allowed 13 sacks through their first five games, games against the Panthers (1), 49ers (6!), Bucs (1), Cowboys (3), and Arizona (2). Only the Cowboys and the Cardinals were in the top half of the league in total sacks; the Cowboys had the third most in the league last year with 46. They finished the 2007 with a sack rate of 8.1%, so season to season, I'd say their performance in pass protection is a push thus far.

The Cowboys have 15 sacks on the season and a sack rate of 7.0%. (The Rams, with 11 sacks, have a sack rate of 7.7%, ranked 7th per FO).

More on sacks, and Donnie Avery and my take on the potential to see some of that old Rams deep passing game this week a little later today.