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Trade deadline hits the Rams after all

As Haslett and the Rams hammer out  the final details of the agreement that would automatically make him the team's head coach for 2009 if he wins six games, he can take some comfort in historical precedent. 

According to this post from ESPN's Mike Sando, the average number of wins for teams that start the season 1-4 is 5.8, almost six. That's from the 44 teams that have had a 1-4 start since 2001. Only two made the playoffs. 


Looks like the NFL trade deadline had some impact on the Rams after all. The Cowboys traded a wagonload of draft picks for Detroit WR Roy Williams. Of course, Brad Johnson still has to throw the ball to him. It's a good thing the Rams brought back CB Fakhir Brown this week to bolster the coverage unit.  

Hard to say what kind of impact Williams will have in the game this week since he'll have less than a week of practice to learn the playbook. There's a chance he won't even be active against the Rams. That's good thing. The Rams defense will have their hands full with Marion Barber and Jason Witten as it is.