Observations from D.C.

Well I guess I picked the right game to drive all day long to. Had an awesome time in what I would arguably call the best home gameday atmosphere I've seen (excluding college football). Some random observations...

- There were maybe 10 other Rams fans in attendance. Literally. From what I could see from my seat, the entire staduim was in burgandy and gold. Pretty impressive. They had a college-like band and a fight song that everyone knew the words to.
- Skins fans were pretty subdued when it came to heckling. Obviously there were a few drunk asses who let it fly, but all together it was kept to a minimum. Good tailgating scene. BIG stadium.
- As soon as Brown's game winner went through, three or four Skins fans immediately shook my had and said that the Rams deserved to win. Pretty classy.
- I didn't think we were going to lose, I knew we were going to lose. Sounds pessimistic, but after the Skins final drive with two big gains, followed by Incognito's personal foul, who wouldn't think that way? After all, it's the Rams. But hey, Josh Brown has already gone from my most disliked player to one of my favorites (in a matter of a few months) for a reason.
-Steven Jackson is a big man, even seen from the upper deck.
- Bulger-to-Avery was even more majestic in person.
- The defense played with confidence, something I haven't seen in a long time.
- The offense was certainly improved, but has a lot of room to grow.
- D.C. traffic sucks.

Anyway, gotta love the Rams win. Let's go get those Cowboys.

P.S. -- I didn't see it until i watched the highlights, but I loved the fact that Haslett got up in that Redskin player's grill. Thats what we need.