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Cowboys down two starters against the Rams

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Not only have they lost Tony Romo (Tom Brady for the Red States), the Cowboys might also be without punter Mat McBriar for this Sunday's game in St. Louis.

Now, I know it's just a punter, but the Rams will need to use every advantage they can get against the Cowboys to pull off a second upset in two weeks. Dallas hasn't had to punt quite as much as the Rams - 24 versus 31 - but when they have punted they've been effective, netting an average of 49 yards per punt, second only to the Rams 51.6 yards per punt. The Cowboys allow an average of 9 yards on punt returns while putting 20% of them inside the 20. Without McBriar, that number could easily go down, giving the Rams a better chance to get good field position for the offense.