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NFL Trade Deadline (crickets chirping)

Today's the NFL's 2008 trade deadline. No need to keep hitting refresh on your browser though, in the NFL deadline day is typically not much more than just another weekday.

When the Rams shook up the franchsie by firing Scott Linehan, fans put on their GM hat and talked rebuilding, knowing it was mostly fantasy. That included hypothetical trade talk. Now, with details emerging about Haslett's conditional deal with the Rams, i.e. the win 6 games clause, we can safely assume that trades are off the table, especially since some of the Rams most tradable commodities are players - like Torry Holt - that they can't live without in order to win five mroe games this season.

The most likely deadline deal in the NFL today is the Tony Gonzalez trade, but even that sounds like it's falling apart.

Why don't more deadline deals happen in the NFL? Here's a good two sentence explaination from Bob McManaman the Arizona Republic:

Players' values go up in the off-season and trading for one in the middle of the season is tough because it could take a month for him to learn a new system.

Okay, since we broached the subject anyway, are you sorry the Rams aren't making any deals at the deadline? What about offseason trades you'd like to see?