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Rams begin new season

Everyone's feelin' the love for the Rams new/interim head caoch Jim Haslett today. And why not? He led the Rams - the same Rams who in their first four games were out scored by 147-43 - to a huge upset victory.

Fans couldn't be happier about the regime change. From james535:

in just one game and we can all feel that we have a real head coach what a change from Linehan, the players and the fans have responded like i knew they would

That response was all the difference. This looks like a new team. And now the stakes are elevated for Jim Haslett. Five more wins, reportedly, and he'll secure a long term deal as the Rams head coach. If he wants it. Five more wins with a team that looked this forlorn to start the season and Haslett might be coaching wherever he wants to.

Some deal for Haslett though. Linehan got an endless amount of forgiveness from the front office, but there's a new sheriff in town (sorta) and nobody likes to make the same mistake twice. Still, if they fall short of 6 wins but play competitively, I'd have to think they''ll certainly talk to Haslett.

And about those five more wins... This is still the same Rams team, so five mroe wins is no layup. Take a look at the rest of the schedule.

Week 7 - Dallas: The Cowgirls lost again, to the Cardinals this weekend, so they won't be snoozing next week with the pressure on and a chance to get back on the good foot against the 1-4 Rams. I think this is the toughest game left on the schedule.

Week 8 - at New England: Suddenly not as intimidating as it once was. But playing at Foxburo won't be easy.

Week 9 - Arizona: Right now, the best team in the division. They're inconsistent though, and rivalry makes it an interesting matchup.

Week 10 - at NY Jets: Tough test for the secondary.

Week 11 - at San Fran: Gotta win at least one against the 49ers, and should be able to.

Week 12 - Chicago: Winnable at home.

Week 13 - Miami: Could be a pretty good game. Must study Wildcat.

Week 14 - at Arizona: As with the 49ers, gotta take one of these games.

Week 15 - Seattle: They have to get this one back. Right now, Seattle might be the worst team in the division.

Week 16 - San Fran: Win this one.

Week 17 - at Atlanta: No pushover, but their pass defense can be exploited if the Rams offense can get it together.

Alright, where are those 5 wins? Do you even want Haslett to stay? Let's hear it.