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Boudreau wants "the injuries" excuse that saved Linehan

The plot thickens...

Former Rams o-line coach, Paul Boudreau, told the Post-Dispatch yesterday that he feels like his dismissal is unfair. Why?

It's the injuries, stupid.

"The thing that was disappointing to me was four weeks ago, (team president) John Shaw said it was unfair to judge Scott Linehan this year because of all the injuries. Well, I'm getting judged. So what's the difference? I feel like I've been thrown under the bus."

He does - kind of - have a point. In my mind, however, look no further than the progress, or lack thereof, of the Rams 2005 first round draft pick, Alex Barron. Sure, I suppose with the contemporary environment for players, that the relationship between them and coaches has changed dramatically, and there's only so much a coach can do to get a talented player motivated and educated enough to play up to their potential. But since winning the Rams Carroll Rosenbloom Memorial Award for the team rookie of the year, Barron just hasn't ever played up to our expectations and his abilities. He's not horrible, don't get me wrong, but of the three offensive lineman taken in the first round of the 2005 draft, Barron is the only one who hasn't been a Pro Bowl selection.  With the investment made in player like Barron, it's reasonable to expect the coaches to bring out that talent, certainly by the player's third season. Boudreau didn't do that with a player he had every chance to mold.

This team's in no position to keep coaches who've produced only mediocre results. And since the changes aren't going to happen at the highest levels, the chance to improve among the coordinator and assistant positions offers at least a chance to have a positive impact on the team.

(Hopefully, Linehan will fully turn over the play calling to the new offensive coordinator.) The same PD story has Zygmunt saying that these might not be the only two staff changes. Stay tuned.

Don't count on the Cam Cameron thing just yet. There's a distinct possibility that he could reunite with former boss Marty Schottenheimer, who's likely to fill one of the coaching vacancies ahead of the 2008 season. This column from the Baltimore Sun suggests the Ravens as a potential suitor to the former San Diego tandem.