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Cam a Ram?

Update [2008-1-7 16:4:4 by VanRam]:It's official now. Boudreau is fired and Olson is out as the offensive coordinator. Olson will be 're-assigned' if he stays with the Rams and is also free to seek a job elsewhere. Cameron HAS NOT yet been hired by the Rams as the offensive coordinator or anything far.

According to the Post-Dispatch, the Cameron hiring and the Olson & Paul Boudreau firings are not confirmed yet.

The situation sounds like it is all but confirmed though. When Linehan took over the play calling a month in to the season, just what exactly did the Rams offensive coordinator do? Mutter things from the booth like, "Yeah, coach, I think you oughta throw another 15 yard pass to Bennett near the sidelines."

Boudreau has coached the Rams offensive line for two of the worst seasons of o-line play that I can remember. Yes, yes, injuries took their toll, but the stunted development of Alex Barron, who has played two of his three years in league under Boudreau, tells me it was time for a change. Boudreau's lines that he coachedc in Jacksonville from 2003-2005 were nothing special. In 2005, the Jags o-line ranked 25 in adjusted line yards and 12th in sack rate. In 2004, they were 20th in adjusted line yards and 12th in sack rate. Only in 2003 were the Jags among the top 10 in the league in either category, 8th in adjusted line yards and 6th in sack rate. Again, other variables likely figure into the equation, but the Jacksonville o-line's performance dropped in the three seasons Boudreau coached it.

As for Cameron...
Remember he was a finalist for the Rams coaching gig before Linehan won Shaw et al over with what must have been a rousing interview. There's more to it than that though. Cameron's resume builder was creating a dominant Chargers offense around an elite running back, LaDanian Tomlinson. It's the same thing Linehan would like to do with Steven Jackson here in St. Louis. (this opens up some room for speculation around what the Rams might do if McFadden were available to them in the draft and free agency looming for Jackson after the 2008 season...more on this soon.)

Here's the Phinsider's final take on Cam Cameron's 1-15 season as the Dolphins head coach. Seems like Phins fans had some issues with his play calling and clock management. Perfect fit with Linehan.

Change, such a popular theme all over the country right now, was desperately needed in the Rams ranks, probably at a higher level than coordinators and assistant coaches, but I'll take what we can get. Pinning troubles on a few key subordinates is a time honored tradition; American as apple pie and football, well American football at any rate.

Firing Boudreau was absolutely the right thing to do, given the overall performance of the line and individual players through the last two seasons. Olson, who I'm still not sure what he did once Linehan took over the play calling, needed to go as well. The Cameron hiring makes sense given Linehan's desire to build this offense around a top-tier running back. These might be the only firings we see, but I certainly hope they aren't the only changes the Rams make this offseason.