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Why here?

As jroman pointed out, nabbing Gregg Williams as the secondary coach might be a little far-fetched for the Rams given Williams ability to step in as a coordinator somewhere else.

The surprisingly Super Bowl bound Giants might be one possibility. Their defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, is a potential candidate for the Redskins head coaching job, and Williams is held in "high regard" by coach Tom Coughlin. That scenario is highly unlikely, however, as the 'Skins will most likely hire former Giants coach Jim Fassel.

Hey, that means the Rams could hire Spagnuolo to replace Linehan after the 2008 season.

Williams is also interviewing for the Jaguars defensive coordinator position, possibly as soon as today. Suffice it to say, if either one of those two gigs are a possibility, there's not a chance he'll take a lesser position with the Rams of all teams.

The Cowboys and Dolphins have reportedly worked through the preliminary arrangements on a deal to swap the first overall pick for the Cowboys' #22 and #28 picks, some other picks, and possibly Marion Barber. With the second overall pick, I'd think the Rams could work out such a deal if so inclined. There are lots of reason to make a deal like this that could benefit the Rams: 1) get additional picks, including two first rounders, to address as many needs as possible with players ready to contribute, 2) save the cap space that the #2 pick would command. On the other hand, you're forfeiting a shot at a home run pick, the chance to get a guy that can be one of the franchise's cornerstones for years to come...or, if you're the Rams, at least until the end of his first contract.

Position reviews/team needs start this week at TST. We start with RBs.