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Oh to be the Rams OC

The Rams have a bevy of new assistants, but still lack an offensive coordinator to bring them all together.

Who might that lucky son of a gun be? Let's run down the list of candidates...again.

Cam Cameron
He seems to be the favorite for the B'more (Bodymore Murdaland for fans of The Wire out there), but as this report from Adam Schefter at the NFL Network says, "it's no sure thing." He cites sources who say that Cameron is scheduled to interview with Linehan for the OC job this week. (Hat tip to Bleeding Green Nation.) An interview might just be a courtesy thing for Cameron, even a chance to hear what the Rams have to offer. Bernie seems to think he's out of the running.

Brian Billick
Billick received a phone call from Scott Linehan sometime last week to discuss the OC position. To the public knowledge, no follow up interview has been scheduled and not even any further rumors have slipped out about Billick in the job. I suspect Linehan got all the answers he needed on the phone the first time. Why would Billick go back to being an OC, much less for a team in disarray, when he'd be more likely to get a head coaching gig somewhere else (like Atlanta).

Ken Zampese
Zampese and Hue Jackson are whispered to be the leaders for the OC job. Zampese brings the prospect of stability back to the offensive side of things. His history with several of the Rams key cogs, like Bulger, Holt and Bruce, from his days as the Rams WR coach and offensive assistant from 2000-02 would certainly help smooth over the rift between Linehan and the talent and help integrate their experience into the offensive game plan.

Hue Jackson
Jackson never called a play for the Falcons until the midnight pullout of Bobby Petrino. In the three games after that strange chapter in a strange year for the Falcons, they put up the two highest point totals they had all season. Jackson coached WRs in Cincy from 2004-06, the Ocho Cinco heyday. Surely he gets a mulligan for a 2003 season spent as OC in Washington under Spurrier?

I suppose, not having ESP, that I learn toward Zampese. That's strictly based on the belief that he can at settle the turmoil and fit into the new offensive brain trust being built. With $3 million now a possibility for offensive coordinators, being young and hungry certainly doesn't hurt.

One last (ha!) thought on retaining Linehan. If you think about it, the Rams likely would have been left to hire a wet-behind-the-ears head coach like Linehan given their current situation. Georgia Frontiere's death and wild card ownership situation wouldn't have helped the matter. So you've got a known commodity in Linehan, who you have some leverage with to force change, or an unknown guy with just as much, or less, experience coaching a team in turmoil. It's not exactly a win-win situation.

One last thought about head coaching in general. The Tom Brady ankle boot thing is bunk. Pure bunk. Probably some "mind game" stunt from Belichick.