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who is this guy?

Art Valero will not be the new offensive line coach. The team gave that position to Steve Loney, a Linehan crony from the Minnesota days in 2002-04. He was the line coach there. The rest of his resume is equally impressive. He was the Arizona Cardinals line coach in 2006, and then head coach at Drake University last year.

Another Linehan pal... choke back your excitement; try to anyway.

According to Football Outsiders, the Vikings had a pretty good offensive line in 2004, 7th best in the league for adjusted line yards with a 4.46 per carry. The pass protection numbers aren't quite as encouraging. 45 total sacks allowed for a 7.4% sack rate, ranked 20th in the league.

As for his track record in Arizona, that's a little harder to judge. I recall 2006 to have been a transitional year for the Cardinals. New personnel, injuries and the emergence of Matt Leinart made for an interesting season. Rams chair moistener Milford Brown started 12 games for the Cardinals that year. He didn't have much to work with, but they did manage a 5.6% sack rate, ranked 15th in the league.

It's not the most encouraging news, is it?

The OC search continued with a Hue Jackson interview, the Falcon's offensive coordinator from this season. Hey didn't the Rams beat the Falcons?

I think my theory about Valero still holds water, but I'm starting to wonder more everyday just what exactly they intend to do with him. Based on first appearances from the Loney hiring, I think I'd prefer Valero as the offensive line coach.