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Georgia Frontiere's health said to be deteriorating

Update [2008-1-18 21:41:7 by VanRam]:Frontiere has passed away this evening, as you've probably read. Breast cancer. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

It is being reported that Rams owner Georgia Frontiere is in "grave condition" and her status is being described as "minute to minute." She's been hospitalized since December for an undisclosed illness.

Obviously, TST is relaying this information, realizing it's coming from popular gossip blog TMZ (but they do have an accurate track record for certain kinds of news), because it has important implications for the Rams' ownership situation. The title of the post is tacky to say the least. 

Having a family member battling cancer for the second time, I understand what Georgia Frontiere's family is going through. I think I speak for everyone in wishing them best and extending our support and positive thoughts as they go through a difficult time.

It's believed that Georgia' son Chip Rosenbloom would become the Rams owner should the worst happen. Whether or not he would sell the team is unknown.