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2008 St. Louis Rams season

A birthday note for AxJax

Happy birthday to the legend, SJ39!

Rams just don't have it in 'em anymore: Bears 17, Rams 9

The St. Louis Rams lost their 11th game of the season. Can they win another game this season?

In a Nutshell...

A rant about how the Rams lack intensity.

Rams 7, Washington 9: Game photos

Rams 7, Washington 9: Game photos

Jason Smith to have MRI

Jason Smith to have MRI

By the numbers: First and second down shortcomings

A look at the Rams problems on first and second downs.

Can Bulger bounce back?

After the Rams two-win season in 2008, many were ready, and still are, to write QB Marc Bulger off. However, Bulger played more like his old self in the last few games of the season, and they just might point to a rebound for the beleaguered Rams QB. Can he bounce back?

Judging Chris Long's progress

DE Chris Long got decent results in his rookie season with the Rams, but he was held back by the lack of size in the middle of the Rams defensive line. Can he improve next season?

3rd down break down

The Rams struggled on third down. Why and how do they fix it for next season?

Crown the new king...of penalties

Instead of the usual Alex Barron leading the Rams in penalties, fan favorite Richie Incognito racked up 13 for 89 yards to lead the team this season.

Rams avoid history

And the TST St. Louis Rams Rookie of the Year is...

Letting the fans choose the Rams rookie of the year...

Burn the petition

The Rams leadership should promptly discard the petition signed by the players in support of Jim Haslett.

Rams win the turnover battle, lose the game

The Rams had a +3 turnover margin in their loss to the Falcons, exposing the team's glaring needs.

Rams v. Falcons grades

Rams @ Falcons, week 17 open thread

Rams players opt for petition rather than wins to support Haslett

Rather than win games, the Rams players decided to show their support for interim head coach Jim Haslett with a petition to owner Chip Rosenbloom asking him to keep the head coach for another season.

Bruce or Holt? The Zygmunt Legacy lives on

Recently resigned Rams GM Jay Zygmunt sent Isaac Bruce packing before the 2008 season. Should he have hung on to Bruce?

Rams can't blame the turnovers, part II

The Rams had the edge in turnovers in their week 16 loss to the 49ers. What happened?

Failure, thy name is the Rams

San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams, week 16 game thread

Discussing the Rams, 49ers game.

Haslett vs. Linehan, tale of the stats

Steven Jackson's quest for 1,000, continued

Steven Jackson is tantalizingly close to 1,000 yards with just two more games to go. We look at his performance against the two remaining Rams opponents.

Run Steven Jackson, Run

Rams RB Steven Jackson needs 227 more yards to top the 1000 yard mark for the 4th consecutive season, but the Rams have just two more games. Can get the yards he needs?

Who will Belichick video tape this year?

Rams fans rejoice at the thought of the Patriots, who taped their practice prior to the Super Bowl way, way back when the Rams were good, missing the playoffs with an 11-5 record.

Rams getting historically worse

The Rams continue to approach the dubious distinction of being the worst team ever.

Surprise, no Rams to the Pro Bowl

No Rams made the Pro Bowl roster. Surprise.

Incognito trying to out-Barron Alex Barron

Rams meathead OG Richie Incognito took the team lead in penalties with his four penalty performance this week.

Rams looking for a return man (again)

The Rams lost kick returner Derek Stanley this week. Here's a suggestion for his replacement.

(Another) Tale of Two Halves

The Rams dominated the Seahawks in the first half of their week 15 matchup, but Seattle made adjustments and won the game. Why did the Rams fail to make adjustments?

Brush with Greatness?

Jim Haslett isn't worrying about '09, he's worrying about two more games and ignoring the "internet stuff."

NFC West really is NFC Worst

Is the 2008 NFC West the worst division in football history? Maybe.

Rams can't pull it off

The Rams almost played a great game, but choked in the second half. What happened?

The stories that will make 2009 interesting

The Rams will have lots of turnover between this season and next; who is earning a spot to return in 2009?

Can the Rams stop the run this week?

The Rams have been playing better against the run, but the Seahawks will be looking to repeat their 245 rushing yard performance from week 3 against the Rams.

2008 Rams worst team ever?

The Rams have three games left to avoid becoming the worst team ever according to Football Outsiders' DVOA statistic.


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