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Pittman Aboard; Six Days to Go

I wondered about the Pittman signing. For instance, why would NO want to let their 4th rounder go? Of course with Reggie Bush and Deuce McCallister on the roster, it's not like another running back is going to see much time. Unless there's an injury. The Saints chose to keep Aaron Stecker. which makes some sense to opt for experience behind the starting twosome. Stecker's filled in pretty well for McAlister when the starter's been injured, so he's earned his spot.

Pittman could be a nice backup to Jackson and Leonard (who'll see multiple duties anyway). Last season he collected 1233 yards and 14 TDs operating in the shadow of Ohio State's QB/WR tandem. Pittman is durable and quick, but a bit undersized at just 5'11" 207 lbs. Per a scouting report at Canal Street Chronicles, Pittman could do well in a system that doesn't depend on him to be a feature back.

This could end up being a good pick for the Rams. I like the idea of having some young talent backing up SJ, with Leonard coming in as a pass catcher and fullback.

I haven't seen an updated depth chart since the last round of roster cuts. How do the Rams deal with Steussie's injury? Stuessie was behind Pace on the depth chart, and the other linemen are versatile enough that we can shift around the top of the depth chart almost as needed. Who takes his place on the 53 man roster though? Will Dustin Fry get promoted from the practice squad? That would be my guess.

Less than a week until Carolina comes to town. Probably time to start thinking about that, huh? The season came fast, but we welcome it. Anyway, over at Cat Scratch Reader, a Panthers blog, there's worry over the state of the offense. They've implemented a new offense and a new run blocking scheme, and the O is still more in learning mode than they are in executing mode. Here's the CSR blogger's, Jaxon, take:

"we can expect that going into the St. Louis game it will still be a work-in-process. In reality, we can expect it to be a couple more games before the offense owns this system. That's just one of the realities of bringing in a new OC whose system is significantly different from the previous system."

This offers the new look Rams defense a real opportunity to shine, as the Panthers could struggle some with picking up the pass rush and creating the right holes for their running backs. Obviously, a good game to start the season would do wonders for the defense, keeping the conversation positive rather than instantly framing it as a struggling unit, adding extra unneeded pressure to the young guys playing key roles.

Of course, the offense is going to have to do it's part, and the Panther's defense is looking sharp. Per the analysis at our Panthers neighbor site, the key to this defense will be the pass rush, as playing the pass will be their relative weakness. Julius Peppers on the outside makes the rush a central component anyway. A rejuvenated Kris Jenkins, the almost Rams, has been ripping through opposing o lines in the preseason. Steven Jackson and the Rams line will have their work cut out for them. The outside of the line will have to be solid to keep the Panther rush off of Bulger and inside recently named starter Bret Romberg and the guards will have to keep the once overweight Jenkins out of the mix.

I'd put our inside linemen up against anybody; they're the rock on this line now. The outside I worry about a little more. Barron, besides keeping his head in the game and away from false starts, will need to be playing at potential. Pace will need to be his old self, and 100% healed and ready to go. Tight end blocking will be key too.

Oh, six days never felt so far off!